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Laser Hair Reduction Is The Hair-Removal Solution You’ve Always Wanted

Published on November 2, 2017

Hair is an integral part of our body and a significant part of our appearance; however, hair is only appreciated in certain areas of our bodies such as the scalp, eyebrows, and in the case of some men, the face. For some women, especially, having hair in other parts of the body such as arms, legs, and the face is considered unattractive and unsightly.

Women use a ton of products and follow different methods to get rid of their unwanted hair, but often times, these methods are temporary and do not provide permanent hair removal. In time, your hair will keep growing back, and you’ll be forced to get rid of it over and over again.

Committing to traditional hair removal techniques is a long, continuous, and never-ending process for women. Thanks to laser hair removal, however, The problem of excess hair growth can be eliminated for good.

What Is Laser Hair Reduction?

Laser Hair removal is an effective method for removing hair from different areas of the body. During the procedure, your doctor will utilize a strong beam of light to target the areas where there is excess hair growth and effectively remove it.

The laser hair removal process makes use of a laser whose beam precisely targets individual hair follicles. The intense heat of the laser beam damages the hair follicle and prevents hair growth in the future. This method is a sure-fire way of making sure your hair is removed and does not come back.

Preparing For Laser Hair Removal Treatment

You should consult an experienced surgeon if you want to go for laser hair removal to get rid of the excess hair growth from different parts of your body. Your surgeon will give you all the important information and details regarding the procedure. Also, in order to be considered a viable candidate for the treatment, you will need to meet the following requirements:

1. Keep sun exposure limited for six weeks before the procedure.
2. Avoid plucking or shaving your hair.
3. Avoid waxing and undergoing electrolysis.
4. Avoid using perfumes, deodorants, or any other irritants in the treatment area right before and after the procedure.
5. You will need to avoid certain kinds of medications as asked by your surgeon.
6. You should have realistic expectations from the procedure.

After you decide to undergo the procedure, your doctor will review your medical history and check the medications that you use to make sure that you are suited for the treatment.

What To Expect Throughout the Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Before The Procedure: Your doctor will begin the process by cutting long hairs in the treated area. You will be given goggles to protect your eyes from the intense light of the laser. Depending on your requirements, you surgeon may also give you an anesthetic to reduce any discomfort during the procedure.

During The Procedure: The doctor will press a hand-held laser to the area that is to be treated. Depending on the type of laser used, cooling gel will be applied to the skin to protect it. The laser beam will target individual hair follicles and damage them to prevent them from growing as they normally would.

After The Procedure: After the procedure, you may experience common effects such as redness and swelling for the first few hours, but this will subside quickly. Your doctor will recommend that you apply ice over the area to reduce any discomfort. Your doctor will also recommend that you avoid long-term sun exposure until your skin is fully healed. It is important to keep your skin protected with sunscreen as well.

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If you’re tired of having to commit to hair removal routines that are time consuming and uncomfortable, then laser hair removal is the perfect solution for you. Contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Howard Horlick, an experienced dermatologist, to learn more about laser hair removal.


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